Are We Human Or Just An Average Mammals?

War ~Sulejman @ deviantart

The broken moon and the out-burn-sun fall into the ground
So, I turn up the music and let my soul pour into it
I saw the money and let my flesh infected into it
I go outside and let my tounge taste the coolness of the naked road

and then I think…

We go to the war, for the reason of hate that we didn’t know exactly
We placed our heart into a jar of opinion, and let the souls gone

Are we still human? Or just an average mammals?

I go to the battlefield frontlines and let my enemy capsuled their mind in my bullets
I saw the hunger peoples and let my heart pour into a glass of Gin and naked women fullest

I go outside and let my bare hands taste the emptiness of the alienated civilians; that slaved under commons opinion of truths

and then I cry

We burned down an opposite ideas, for the reason of addicted poison that poisoned us for centuries
We blown up the antithesis into a pieces, and let the love dissapear

Are We still human? Or just an average mammals?

I read many books at collage and let my mind eats every un-contemplated ideas of hate
I entered holy place and let my kindness teleported into emptiness of historical God’s quotes-our own rate

I go outside of hell and let my heart melt on the tears of poor,
the mist of mother earth,
the sweat of any labour,
the dream of every parents,
the hope of any peace fighters

Our goverment buy war machines, then place us into a misery called “Army”
But in our deepest feeling as human, we surely need peace.

Our goverment made system, put us into a nightmare named “Separatist”
But in our deepest mind as human, we love and need the differences

Our goverment crates economic hierarchy, then blame us into a darkness figure; “Unfortunate Needs”
But in our deepest instinc as human, we want to help one to another and feel enough-gratefull

In our happiness as a rich, we seed a point of misery
Misery that transparently grab and torn our kindness apart

In our laugh of happiness, we planting meta-idea of evil
Evil that silently cut and distracted the symphonies of humanity

In our proud of achievements, we breed a mother of selfishness
Selfisness that shut and mute the sounds of our kindness what God give to us as the one and only man-mark
Mark that remind us, that we are God in flesh-form. A humankind

But We unfortunately forget it
We forget it cause we busy chasing carriers
chasing more money because we are a fragile creature that full of  fear,
fear of future,
fear-that: everything will not enough,
fear-that: mother earth can’t fulfill every creature needs

So we decided to took what we should not took
to slain what we should not slain
to kill what we should not killed
to forget who we-clearly-should not forgotten

Are We human? Or just an average mammals?

 ~ An interpretation of tears, mixed with An Epitaph  To War by James Horner.

Salatiga, 13 April 2013

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