An Unspoken Poem

One night, under the stary skies and mourned stars

I look up to the dark bliss and a black dew

To the blue flag and the lazy clock too

And I started thinking about you

Thinking about

Your brown eyes  and the color of your skin

The shape of your nose, your tooth and your chin

The shape of your lips, when we sit together

The size-shaped of your pupils when we talking rather

And then I think about you,

The pattern of suit you choose

The combination of your shirt, skirt, bracelet, and shoes

The way you shapened you mischeivious hair

The way you smell the odor in the air

The way you remembered every retails

and I remembered every details

And then I think about you

When you’ll use nail-polish too

The skirmish of colours by the ring you usually put on your middle finger

The story of sweet, tears that make you like a story-tell singer

The topics of things to keep our conversation linger

So we could forget the time and hide behind the bookshelf more longer

And then I remembered about you

When you told your stories

The problems, the dreams, the hopes, and even your hobbies

The broken of your heart that screaming in silences

The  wrestled heart and restless fight, full of violance

Ideas to resist in every breathing spells,

fight back that put  your name in the list of the rebels

And then I contemplate about you

When you pull out yourself from me

So you have more time to recover the glee

So you have more lime to pour upon the sea

To make sweetness in conversation

And feel an exact time to talk about problems, life, and your converse station

And honestly

Sometimes I could not hold any longer to start a chat

Because your smile always bothered me bad

Because the complicated of your soul shakes my neurons pad

And then I re-think about you

About your limit

About your gimmick

about the things I still learn to

about the things I still lean to

And then I think about you,

A six square pattern of rubick’s cube

A mysteries that lies inside a little girl that anxious-holic

A maze of labyrint that needs lifetime intention solid

And even a centuries to break the code of it’s encryption sign

A long-life quiz that the answers I should find

So I left this poem

An unsoaked poem

unspoken form

by unspoken poet

What miss some kinds of tenses and good English requisite, diction


So you can repair it,

So you can correct it,

So this poem will no longer mine,

So this poem could read beyond the time

So this poem will no longer mine,

but ours

beyond seconds, minutes, and even unlimited hours.



 ~ Salatiga yang membuat bisa mengingat-ingat.

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